• Julie Brown

Day 13 - Flow

There is force in the universe, which, if we permit it, will flow through us and produce miraculous results. Mahatma Gandhi

142 kilometres in 11 hours.

The results speak for themselves, but nothing was handed to our team on a silver platter.

Dixie, Lorenz, Matthieu & Cordula initially struggled to find their necessary flow yesterday. After several kite changes, they eventually found the magic formula that involved their 6 metre kites with full line extension. From there, it was a smooth glide northwest toward their goal. Dixie expressed deep pleasure with his new Gin Kites.

It was very cold yesterday which forced the team to take regular breaks to eat, drink and run around to warm up. They were especially prudent in protecting their exposed skin against potential frostbite. By the time they finally established their new camp, they were able to briefly celebrate their outstanding daily progress before diving into their warm sleeping bags for a deep recovery sleep.

Their new position:

N 70 32 01

W 47 04 08

This morning our group awakened to an intense breeze and slightly warmer conditions. The temperature was -17°C but the wind speed was a bit too much to pull out the kites. Dixie put the team on stand-by for a safer moment when they could serenely depart with taking any unnecessary safety risks.

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