• Julie Brown

Day 12 - Recuperation at Dye 2

Manu's team has enjoyed a full day of rest at Dye 2. Today they are recharged and ready to head back out to continue their crossing of Greenland.

Manu, Rohan, Jean-Philippe and Mathieu allowed themselves a delicious first deep rest after a dozen days of intense expedition progression. Jean-Philippe in particular has been suffering from blisters which were given a chance to heal during this brief pit-stop. The excited team is approximately 120 kilometres from their trail summit of the ice sheet. Once they reach the high point, it will be downhill travel to the east coast.

The one parameter which is now entering the picture, also for Henk-Jan's snow kite team, is wind ... and lots of it.

Henk-Jan, Cordula and Lorenz are continuing their push to Dye 2. The now frigid temperatures of approximately -14°C combined with a stubborn stiff head wind have made for challenging travel over the past 24 hours. Despite the discomfort of such conditions, the determined trio covered a respectful distance of 20 kilometres yesterday.

Visibility has steadily diminished in the last day, with weather predictions calling for heavier winds and blowing snow through Wednesday. If need be, both of our teams will hunker down in their tents and wait out any inclement conditions, but for now they continue their quest to traverse Greenland.

You may follow both teams via Live Explorer with live tracking provided by Expeditions Unlimited:

Manu's Manhaul Team:

Henk-Jan's Kite Team:

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