• Julie Brown

Day 12 - Hidden Work

What we do on our off days often determines our success when we return to active duty. There is valuable action in perceived inaction.

For a second day in a row, Dixie and our Greenland expedition team stayed at the same camp. The weather conditions ameliorated in the way of visibility throughout the day, but there was absolutely no wind as one can see in Dixie's photo taken in the late afternoon.

Several observers have asked why they haven't simply progressed by skiing and pulling the sleds, or man/woman hauling. Dixie explained that the equipment necessary for a proper kite expedition adds considerable weight to the sleds which glide less smoothly along the abrasive snow surface of the Greenland Ice Cap. Quite a bit of fresh snowfall has blanketed their surroundings in the last two days.

Dixie estimates that on average one hour of kiting (in advantageous conditions) equals the same distance gained as trudging forward for one day of sled pulling. He is choosing at this point in the expedition to save his team's physical energy, and reduce the risk of muscle strain injury, for the long kite days ahead. That strategy can of course change, but for now he is confident to proceed in this manner.

Yesterday, as the visibility began to clear, Dixie and Cordula took a long fitness trek around the camp. They combined skiing and running for an outstanding and memorable aerobic session.

The team feels rested, relaxed and eager to proceed. Motivation is high.

This morning, Dixie called an hour earlier than expected as the wind was UP!

Temperatures were holding steady at around -14°C and Lorenz, Cordula, Matthieu and Dixie were ready to go.

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