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Day 11-Internal Teambuilding

Our scheduled phone call today was hampered by what sounded like a barista in the background. It turned out to be the whirring of Dixie & Matthieu's MSR stove which was boiling water to make instant powdered coffee instead of an actual espresso. The team was still at Tuesday's location waiting for the weather to improve.

Dixie admitted that it was a long day yesterday, but definitely not one of inactivity. Instead of waiting out the inclement weather in their respective tents, Matthieu and Dixie paid a visit to their friendly neighbours, Cordula and Lorenz. An impromptu team-building session evolved over steaming mugs of tea. Stories of pure adventure were shared among four humble people who had not yet spoken much of their previous accomplishments, but who were now gaining trust to share rather intimate experiences. It should come as no secret that an infinite amount of common respect floated around the camp yesterday afternoon.

Everyone chose to go to bed early last evening in the hope that some early morning wind might awaken them. Dixie (pictured above) reviewed his maps (for the hundredth time) before falling asleep.

Unfortunately, when Dixie phoned at 08:00 local time, no tent material was flapping in the elusive breeze. Instead, the visibility had substantially cleared leaving the team with a decision on whether or not to haul their sleds until they could possibly unfurl their kites. Weather predictions show that tomorrow should develop into a top kite day, with possible winds starting to blow late tonight.

The temperature this morning was an agreeable -15.7°C.

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