• Julie Brown


Our team has established their final campsite of the expedition and are now spending their last night on the ice near Gruve 7, a mining community landmark just outside of Longyearbyen.

They completed a demanding day including over seven hours of progression, much of it in near whiteout conditions. This evening at their spot near the Adventdalen, the wind has started to blow quite heavily, while earlier today it was practically wind-still.

While the group never encountered any polar bears during their expedition, they were impressed with the reindeer who grazed determinedly through the snow for food.

The team is just a few short hours away from a hot shower, warm lunch and cold celebratory beverage. Their plan is to break camp early tomorrow morning after breakfast and begin skiing toward Longyearbyen with an arrival planned sometime before the noon hour. They look forward to reuniting with Christophe and to sharing their stories of an unforgettable experience together in Svalbard.

Congratulations to all on an impressive introductory polar expedition!

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