• Julie Brown

Cape Town Preparations

Our team arrived late Monday night in Cape Town and wasted no time in tackling the final preparations for their Antarctic Expedition.

Yesterday, they concentrated on sorting, reorganising and repacking their expedition gear. This included the crucial task of eliminating any excess weight in order to respect the flight cargo parameters and more importantly to reduce sled weight once they are underway. They also reviewed their expedition food rations and went shopping for any missing delicacies that will make their Antarctic meals not only satisfying but memorable.

This morning, Rosa, Sylvianne & Bernice showed Dixie their strong fitness levels by making an impressive climb up Lions Head. The hot South African sun pierced the morning air and created an abrupt contrast from everyone's late autumn/early winter dark and gloomy ambiance of their respective northern hemisphere homes. Dixie is honoured to guide his first all-female team, especially since the spirit is already one of respect, talent and fun.

Tomorrow our team will attend their mandatory Safety Briefing hosted by White Desert, our valuable logistics provider in the Queen Maud Land region of Antarctica. If the schedule holds to plan, they should be flying south on Friday, November 29th.

For now, everyone is enjoying a lovely evening in Cape Town, one that includes delicious food and deep relaxation. We wish them sweet dreams of their Antarctic paradise to come ...

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