• Julie Brown

Canadian solution

It appears as though a Canadian aviation company with two Basler aircraft will be able to provide service from Longyearbyen to Barneo. Operations are already underway including test flights on the Barneo ice runway, with the hope of a departure for our team as early as Saturday, April 13th. Norpolex is planning a meeting with all polar guides tomorrow where the new schedule will be revealed. The wait thus continues, but it is now a hopeful one.

In the meantime, Dixie is keeping Mathias and Virgile sharp and focused with daily training activities in and around Longyearbyen. Yesterday, they enjoyed a challenging run up the road that leads to the end of the Longyear Valley.

They are also continuing to prepare for the "terrain" that awaits them on the frozen Arctic Ocean, one that can be filled with compression zones or even open leads of water.

The fact remains that this unique father-son duo from France includes a fourteen-year-old boy, one who may have ambitious world-class adventurous plans but who remains a teenager in search of adolescent interests. Dixie and Mathias are doing a fine job in reaching (way!) back in their memories in order to keep things fun during a wait that is testing even the hardiest of adults. Before this is over, Virgile may finally convince Dixie to play billiards with him ... maybe.

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