• Julie Brown

Cadence & Adaptation

Day 2 of our Spitsbergen Expedition evolved in a newly adapted cadence. Our hardy team members found their footing (literally) in their challenging polar environment.

Last night's extreme temperatures that hovered around -27°C made for an abrupt baptism for our participants. This morning they struggled out of the relative warmth of their tents and commenced with the clumsy routine of breaking up camp. Soon they were progressing down to the Adventdalen, a journey made more pleasant by the realisation that with each step forward there was a noticeable rise in the ambient temperature. By afternoon they were climbing up a new valley in temperatures of around -18°C.

Unfortunately, a thin layer of clouds hovered overhead and the wind ushered in a bit of snowfall so that the sun was prevented from shining for long. The ground beneath them was covered with granular snow which made the sleds scrape over the ice in a less than agreeable manner.

Their new campsite is located at:

N 78° 07 03

E 16° 00 10

Dixie's call via Iridium Satellite Phone came at the arranged hour of 20:00, but his soft whisper indicated that everyone around him was already asleep. The group is out of mobile phone range now and most likely will be "off the radar" through the next two days, although a rogue signal is always possible.

Serenity rules in their Arctic paradise. They deserve it.

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