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Arctic Circle Trail Greenland

Greenland is not for sale.

Mette Frederiksen, Prime Minister of Denmark

Thank goodness this pristine place remains not only a self-governing entity, but a welcoming one at that. Our Polar Experience guide Brecht Demeulenaer has brought Guy, Guillaume, Arnold & Christopher on a Level 2 winter trek along the Arctic Circle Trail.

The team arrived in hospitable Kangerlussuaq on Monday, March 2nd and were immediately in full preparation modus for their demanding 160 kilometre journey which will end in Sisimiut in approximately 12 days.

While the weather has been bright and sunny, the temperatures have been on the extremely cold side. Temperatures were hovering in the neighbourhood of -30°C (and even colder at the start), but are expected to warm up to daytime highs this weekend around -16°C.

News from Brecht and the team has been positive but scarce. The satellite phone connection from their remote location did allow the above photo to arrive this morning together with Brecht's message: All good. Still pretty cold but the troops are well!

We'll share more updates as we receive them, but in the meantime we wish our valiant group much serenity in their beloved pristine environment.

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