• Julie Brown

ACT Greenland - Splendour

Brecht's update last evening radiated a pure expedition atmosphere as oxygen-filled as the Greenlandic air around them.

Finally in the tents camping on the sea ice 20 kilometres outside of Sisimiut!

Wonderful evening! Just hoping that they switch on the Northern Lights tonight to make it complete. ;)

While the general Aurora forecast was unfortunately low, we hope that the Aurora Borealis provided a unique show for our group last night or at least makes an appearance before they depart Greenland later this week.

If all goes as planned, our team will arrive late tomorrow morning at their end destination of Sisimiut. Once there, their list of immediate priorities will surely include a hot shower, satisfying meal and cold beverage (in no particular order). They plan to spend one night in Sisimiut before taking a flight back to Kangerlussuaq and then points beyond.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves ... there are 20 kilometres of footsteps to be taken before this expedition is a wrap. May the gorgeous weather continue to bless them as they meander through this pristine corner of our planet.

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