• Everything you need to know about preparing for a polar expedition.

  • A workshop in a beautiful setting, led by polar expert Dixie Dansercoer.

  • Open to everyone interested in participating in an expedition to the polar regions.


A polar expedition is a major undertaking. Anyone who rushes headlong into it is not likely to succeed. 


As the first step in the preparation process of our polar expedition, we have organised an initiation weekend with Dixie Dansercoer  in the peaceful Belgian village of Villers-Saint-Gertrude. 


A great deal will be presented: the history of polar travel, the environment, the physical and mental training, daily routine and logistics, navigation, equipment, nutrition, communication, wildlife and the techniques for staying safe and effectively trekking in cold and extreme circumstances. We will also make the most of the beautiful surroundings in the Belgian Ardennes, with an exploratory hike and some excellent food and drink.  


Participation in the initiation weekend is open to everyone who is interested in the polar regions and the organisation of a polar expedition. There are no further obligations should you find it is not quite your cup of tea. But what about those who want to see their dreams of polar exploration come to life and have the motivation to attempt further challenges?

The initiation weekend will be followed with an invitation to a Level 1 expedition in Spitsbergen. Under guidance of Dixie, you’ll be able to put everything you’ve learned into practice.


The initiation weekend will take place in the Gîte d'Etape in Villers-Saint-Gertrude, Belgium.

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Initiatieweekend Villers-St-Gertrude

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