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Dixie Dansercoer

Polar explorer, executive director of Polar Circles, IPGA Master Guide, public speaker, author, photographer

Dixie Dansercoer (born in Nieuwpoort, Belgium, in 1962) is a Flemish polar explorer with over twenty years of experience in polar travel.


Dansercoer has already been to the poles on more than 40 occasions, for personal or guided expeditions, photo and film productions and lectures aboard polar cruises. His impressive list of achievements has earned him the title of Master Guide in the International Polar Guides Association. Dixie Dansercoer is one of only four people to have crossed the complete Arctic Ocean and the Antarctic continent.


In 2012, together with Sam Deltour, Dansercoer broke the world record for the longest non-motorised expedition in Antarctica. On skis, and assisted by a kite, the pair travelled at least 5013km. In 2014 Dixie, together with Eric McNair-Landry, completed a world record ski-kite circumnavigation of Greenland. While his extreme expedition plans are not yet finished, Dansercoer happily shares his extensive knowledge by giving lectures and guiding aspiring polar explorers in the Arctic regions. 


As an author, Dixie Dansercoer has written sixteen books about polar expeditions and the parallels with corporate life. His most recent, Polar Exploration – A practical handbook for North and South Pole expeditions, was published by Cicerone Publishers (UK) in 2012 and Surpassing Sastrugi, together with Julie Brown, was published by Snoeck in 2014.  His latest publication, Empowering Outperformance, has been published in the fall of 2017.

Julie Brown

Julie Brown (born in Detroit, Michigan, USA, in 1964), is managing director of Polar Circles since 1999.  Married to Dixie Dansercoer, together they have four children (Jasper, Evelien, Thijs en Robin) and reside in Belgium.

Brown's first polar expedition, Antarctica 2000, was guided by Dansercoer and Rudy Van Snick in their Mount Vinson ascent.  Julie has since served as the project coordinator for expeditions such as Bering Strait Odyssey in 2005 (based in Nome, Alaska) and In the Wake of the Belgica in 2007-2008 (based in Ushuaia, Argentina).  Together with Stefan Maes, she also managed Antarctic ICE in 2011-2012 and Greenland ICE in 2014.  At present, Brown also serves as project & communications coordinator for PolarExperience.

An experienced and highly qualified emergency flight nurse, Manu’s passion for the Higher Latitudes has taken him on numerous expeditions where he has guided extensively in Canada, Svalbard, Lapland, Iceland and Greenland.


Constantly upgrading his skills in multi-disciplinary courses, he impresses expedition clients with his unwavering patience and provides them with a font of knowledge. Manu oversees the Polar Experience level of expertise and manages the co- guides.

Jasper Dewandeler

After finishing his studies as a physical education teacher, Jasper fell in love with the Arctic and moved to Svalbard. There, he graduated at the Svalbard College with the highly acclaimed specialty of “Arctic Nature Guide”, organized by the Norwegian Arctic Institute. Full of fire and dedicated to becoming a professional guide, he is one-of- a kind storyteller as well!

Henk-Jan Geel

Henk-Jan is of Dutch origin, but being married to a Swedish woman brought him to the High North numerous times. There, he explored winter beauty of the Swedish highlands, the Finish lakes, and the Norwegian wilderness. Henk-Jan loves cross country skiing and dog sledding under the ​​​N​orthern ​Lights. His successful crossing of Greenland has been his highlight so far. As an entrepreneur he uses expedition skills in business and business skills in expeditions.

Rob Vercauteren

Rob's outdoor life started early when as a kid he went hiking with his parents in Switzerland. Rob's love for the mountains steadily developed which led him to study courses in mountaineering and climbing. He noticed that he could manage the cold pretty well, which made him decide to try to take it to a next step by going on an Arctic trip. He discovered that it was great fun, so he continued to build his polar experience with additional trips in Sweden and Norway. Rob plans to continue his polar education in order to gain more knowledge about each little nuance of this unique environment.

Nicolas Bichet

With a number of specialties in Arctic mobility – be it by sled, kayak, ski mountaineering or on snowshoes, Nicolas has been an active guide for over 15 years now. From the Alps to Oman, the High Canadian North, Greenland and Spitsbergen and … beyond, he is the perfect example of a cool and kind yet very determined polar guide.

Brecht De Meulenaer

Brecht is a Biologist and keen ornithologist, fascinated with the Arctic North and the Antarctic since childhood. Educated as Mountain and wilderness leader in Sweden and fueled by many outdoor courses, he has put the theory in practice with many winter treks in Scandinavia and Iceland. Working as glacier guide in Iceland, he will me more than happy to share all of his knowledge.

Hogan Beernaert

As a Flemish young boy, Hogan loved skiing and spent much time dreaming of climbing adventures in such mythic mountain ranges as the Himalayas and the Andes.  After succesfully reaching some peaks, Hogan was hungry for more long distance journeys.  He began by skiing in the High Arctic Regions, such as Ellesmere-Baffin, and also completed a Greenland traverse.  Hogan never stopped dreaming, and in 2009 he made an ambitious solo-crossing of Russia's Lake Baikal (South -North).

Hogan loves to help people so much and to see them laughing, even in hard times ...

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